The Tag Designer is intended to be a tool to give a close approximation to a real world situation. Different web browsers render objects on the screen and interperate the programming slightly differently. Because of this, it is not possible to make a tool like this mimic a real world situation that will be accurate in every browser. Also, Depending on the fonts you have installed on your machine, line spacing and character spacing may also differ slightly. In addition to the math involved, screen resolutions will affect the display. What you see on your screen is NOT actual dimentions. In no way do we state that the results from this tool will be 100% accurate. With that said, great strides went into producing a tool with the best accuracy possible. Actual results, may vary +/- 1 line or a few characters.

Also, this tool does not express any limitations of what is actually possible. The colors and maximum sizes in this tool are only for the purpose of rendering an image on your screen. We have a much wider variety of colors, sizes, and materials.

If you find a situatuion where the results are consistantly different, please e-mail our webmaster.

Thank you.